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Flexbox Crewing provides motivated crew members. We have built an extensive network of available seafarers and sailors in various sectors. Our two branch offices in Cyprus and the Netherlands allow us to profit from attractive local maritime laws. Together with high-quality agents abroad, we are confident we can tackle any challenge. From filling an urgent vacancy to total crew management!

Besides, concerning the relationship you have with your crew members, there are several options to choose from. Whether it’s a one-time, recurring, or permanent contract, you can discuss with our crew managers the best solution for your company.

Our focus

CREWING (one-time, recurring, permanent)

RECRUITMENT & SELECTION (onshore, offshore)



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Every day we supply up to two hundred maritime professionals on ships across Europe via our branch offices in Cyprus and the Netherlands. We offer our professionals both last-minute short-term positions as well as long-term rotation contracts.

Our top priority is that our people fit the position on a professional and personal level. To find this sweet spot we use our in-house developed software to map and match the hard skills and our experienced recruiters to focus on the personal aspect.

With our custom tools for crew planning and HR-related activities, you can safely outsource these activities to us, or let us implement our solutions in your company. Whatever option fits your situation best.

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(captains, sailors, AB’s,….)

(Rhine captains, sailors, deckhands,….)

(painters, technicians, welders, ….)

(stewards, housekeeping, chefs, …)

OFFSHORE CREWS ( drillers, engineers, …..)

Looking for a maritime job yourself?

We are always searching for motivated people. No matter what your level of experience or nationality is.
Please send a short message to our Recruiting Department and they will get back to you on short notice.
Or check out JobWave, our job platform.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

Outsource the recruitment of the talent your organization needs to us. We have developed a job board – JobWave – where we will promote your company’s positions. You only pay us a success fee when you hire our proposed candidate. Afterward, you can contract and pay the employee through your regular infrastructure.

Also, we always tailor our recruiting process to our client’s needs. Our recruiters know where to search and with modern software tools at our back, we will filter out the right candidates.

Alternatively, companies can also create their own profile on our JobWave platform, and create/manage their job ads themselves at very competitive rates. Our user-friendly dashboard will aid you in identifying the most qualified candidates, streamlining your selection process.

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FROM OFFSHORE TO ONSHORE Many experienced seafarers will step into an onshore job at a certain point. With their hands-on knowledge, they can form a valuable asset for your maritime company. We have access to a wide pool of (ex) sailors who desire a job onshore. Get in touch to discuss the profile you are looking for.

Salary administration & payrolling​

Salary administration & payrolling​​

We offer full-service salary administration and payrolling across the globe. Local labor laws, tax laws, and social security regulations can cause headaches when managing the salary administration of your people. However, with our help, contracting, and payrolling can offer your company a chance to save costs and bind talented employees.

With our in-house expertise, especially in European law, we can find the best contracting solutions for your people. Our rates are straightforward, and thanks to our scale and digitalization, very competitive as well!

Additionally, to the salary administration and payroll services from our Dutch and Cypriot offices, we offer contracting solutions in many more countries through our strategic partnerships.

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  • Salary administration
  • Contracts and paperwork
  • Social security and taxes
  • Sick leave and termination
  • Extra insurances

Barge delivery

Barge delivery

Over the last few years, we have specialized in river-barge delivery in Europe. It takes much more than a capable crew to deliver a barge safely from A to B. Firstly, our Barge delivery manager knows every river, canal, and lock from his own years behind the steering wheel. Over time and from experience we have built a network of local specialists, and suppliers to get your barge to your destination.
From pilots, to ship stamps, to bunkering. We know the rules and requirements on each stretch of the waterways between the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Also, every delivery is a unique project, which requires a detailed plan. A delivery starts with a primary inspection by one of our people, to check all points on our list of requirements for departure. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Give us a call to discuss your project +31 850 510 378

  • Detailed delivery plan
  • Clear pricing
  • 24/7 emergency phone
  • Experienced crew
  • Attractive rates
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