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Flexbox Crewing Privacy Policy

Last Updated: February 2023

As an international broker for maritime personnel, we have to process a lot of customer and personal data. These data are of crucial importance for good placements, communication and financial settlement, to maritime professionals as well as to shipping companies and other crewing agencies. Flexbox Crewing devotes all care and attention to the safe storage of customer and personal data.

Below is an explanation of what we collect from you and what not. Our handling of data is based on the regulations of the European Data Protection Committee. We also reserve the right to adjust the privacy policy described here at any time to comply with current legislation.

Flexbox Crewing focuses on the international posting and contracting of maritime professionals for permanent and temporary work. The aim is to support maritime professionals in seeking and entering into flexible and permanent employment. This is done with the help of an extensive database managed by our branch in Cyprus. A strong internationally employed team mediates maritime personnel to local crewing agencies and provides direct contact with maritime professionals, also with regard to the handling of travel expenses, receipts and planning. From the Maritime hub of Europe, the team also offers Payrolling services for European cross-border operating shipping companies.

Maritime professionals usually enter into a mediation or secondment agreement with Flexbox Crewing LTD. Flexbox Crewing LTD takes care of the intake, screening and inclusion of maritime professionals in the database. Local crewing agencies in NL, BE, and DE call on the knowledge and service of Flexbox Crewing LTD for the mediation of permanent and flex personnel.

The data we process

The maritime professional is central to Flexbox Crewing. We only maintain profiles of professionals who have consciously registered with us in the search for permanet and / or flex work.

Data that we ask as standard to be able to include maritime professionals in our database are:

  • First name and surname
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Residential address
  • Sector & profession
  • E-mail address
  • telephone number

Over a phone call or during a face to face meeting we discuss all skills, qualifications and certifications, which we also safe in our system. For mapping all skills we also make use of question forms, which we send in a link. Completing these forms is on a voluntary basis and we always ask for actively agreeing to this privacy statement. The results are saved in our database just like the other data.

Before we enter into business we will need additional information. We will only take this step and gather this information when we actually have an assignment, project or position for you. We will ask for:

  • Bank details
  • A copy of a valid ID / Passport
  • Copies of relevant maritime diplomas, patents and certificates.
  • An endorsed copy of our Zero Tolerance Policy (Beverage, Drugs & Discrimination)
  • Emergency contact information (family or acquaintance)

In addition, we see it as our moral and ethical obligation to ask for proof of valid personal health insurance when cooperating. In every country in Europe, different rules apply with regard to the obligation to maintain its own health insurance. If a professional cannot demonstrate this, we oblige them (at cost price) to purchase international health insurance from Alianz for the duration of the collaboration.

If the person in question is a registered freelancer*, we will ask for:

  • Company Name
  • VAT number
  • Company Address

* We advise all maritime professionals to always register as an entrepreneur in the relevant country of residence. Each country in Europe has different rules regarding the need to register as an entrepreneur, depending on the number of assignments and the annual earnings. In our lending contracts, we consider every maritime professional to be an independent entrepreneur, with the own responsibility to meet his social and legal obligations.

Special personal data

Special personal data are sensitive data, for example about health or a criminal past, religion or data concerning race. Flexbox Crewing only processes special personal data, such as data about your health, your criminal record or your Citizen Service Number if this is required to comply with legal obligations. This is only possible with your permission and only if it is necessary for our services.

Feedback from cooperation

We reserve the right to include feedback resulting from our collaboration, from both the professional and the customer, in the profile if we see added value for our services. Naturally, this does not include special personal data as described above.

Sharing of data

Flexbox integratively shares a database to exchange relevant knowledge with its branche offices for operations. For example, Flexbox Crewing B.V. has limited insight into profiles from the Flexbox Crewing Database when searching for suitable candidates. However, the management and ownership of these profiles lies entirely with Flexbox Crewing.

Flexbox Crewing will only provide your information to third parties who are necessarily involved in the above activities and / or work or if a law or court order makes this possible or requires it. Your data will never be sold to third parties, it will only be provided to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of our agreement or to comply with a legal obligation or official order.

Retention and deletion of data

We do not store your personal data longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which you have submitted your data to us. We are, however, bound by the legal retention periods that apply to the storage of financial data. If the legal retention period has expired, or if we will no longer do business with each other, your data will in principle be deleted and / or destroyed.

If we or you in principle do not wish to do business (anymore) with us, we will delete your data (with the exception of what is legally required to keep). Even if we legally still have to keep your data, we can attach your profile as “inactive” in order not to come up through our database in searches.

View, modify or delete data

You have the right to know what we know about you and to have this adjusted or removed if desired. If you would like this, or if you have another question regarding personal data, please send an email to We cannot always be of direct service by telephone because not every employee has access to your data.

Security and protection of personal data

The personal data collected by Flexbox Crewing is stored digitally and visible to authorized employees. Flexbox Crewing has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure and protect your personal data against loss, modification, misuse or any (other) form of unlawful processing.

Every person who has access to and / or processes personal data at Flexbox Crewing is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of that data, unless otherwise provided by law or regulation. In the event that Flexbox Crewing uses the services of third parties, we will make agreements regarding the necessary security measures in the context of the protection of personal data.

If you have the impression that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of abuse, please contact us at

For any questions regarding this privacy statement please write an email to