Inland shipping vacancies

Flexbox Crewing is a large employer for inland shipping jobs in Europe. Every year over 100 European shipping companies hire crew for inland shipping through Flexbox. Are you looking for a new challenge in inland shipping? From Deckhand, to skipper to shore-based positions, we can help you out.

Attractive and diverse job offering

Flexbox Crewing boasts an extensive network of clients, enabling us to offer a diverse range of inland shipping job opportunities. We collaborate with multiple partners to staff brand-new inland waterway barges. Our expansive network extends from the origins of the Rhine in the Netherlands, spanning across Europe, to the point where the Danube meets the Black Sea. This broad reach positions us uniquely to cater to a wide array of inland shipping needs across the continent.

Inland shipping vacancies for different positions

At Flexbox Crewing, we specialize in a wide array of inland shipping vacancies, catering to professionals seeking opportunities in inland waterway transport and river cruise roles across Europe. Our expertise spans from deckhand to captain positions on key waterways such as the Rhine and Danube, as well as other significant bodies of water in continental Europe.

We are committed to your safety and well-being, partnering exclusively with clients who ensure safe and proper working conditions. Whether you’re looking for a short-term assignment alongside your current job, a temporary role, or a permanent position, our focus is on providing quality inland shipping Europe hiring opportunities.

Experts at inland shipping recruitment and placement

Our team, proficient in over 12 languages, is dedicated to assisting you with your sailor book, regardless of where you reside. By completing our application and experience forms, you enable us to swiftly identify inland shipping hiring opportunities that align with your skills and experience.

Given the ever-changing nature of vacancies in this sector, we do not list all open positions on our website. For the most current inland shipping vacancies and river cruise jobs, we encourage you to contact our team directly or visit our vacancy platform partner, JobWave.

Frequently Asked Questions about our inland shipping vacancies

We hire professionals across all ranks in the inland shipping sector, provided you possess a European inland shipping sailor book that verifies your rank. Additionally, we are dedicated to assisting individuals who are either beginning their careers in inland shipping or transitioning into this field. Our team offers comprehensive guidance on how to obtain a sailor book and advance through the ranks, starting from the position of deckhand and moving upwards. Our support is designed to streamline your journey into the inland shipping industry, ensuring a smooth and informed transition at every career stage.

Certainly! If you are employed full-time, it is often easy to take on additional work with the approval of your employer. We very often have requests for only several days, or up to 2 weeks. Simply get in touch with our team and we can let you know when something matches your availability.

The first step is filling in one of our forms. We will then get in touch with you for an introductory conversation by phone. After we then have received all your documents, we will activate your profile. From that moment, our system will include you in the placement algorithm. When there is an assignment that matches your skills, experience, and availability, we will contact you via WhatsApp, SMS, or phone.

We also have opportunities for less experienced skippers and sailors. If you’re not sure in which direction you want to specialize, we can help you choose your path by placing you on different kinds of vessels.

The salary of an inland shipping sailor can vary widely, making it challenging to provide a definitive answer. Since inland shipping operates within the borders of European countries, salaries are influenced by the tax and social security regulations applicable to the contract. Factors such as your skills, qualifications, language abilities, and market demand play a significant role in determining the day rate.

Additionally, the country employing you and your country of residence are crucial factors. The complexity is further heightened by the various tax treaties existing between different European countries. Generally, a sailor’s salary can range from 800 to 2500 euros. With several years of experience, and particularly under contracts from countries like Switzerland or Luxembourg, this figure can rise to up to 3000 euros.

In the inland shipping industry, sailors from Indonesia and the Philippines are highly respected and well-cared-for employees. We also partner with an agency in Manila, Philippines, to hire experienced seafarers as ‘matroos’ (deckhands) on inland vessels. This collaboration underscores our commitment to bringing skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds into the inland shipping sector.

Sorry, but all our assignments require contracts that include your verified identity and a personal bank account for payment. This ensures a secure and transparent process for both parties.