Flexbox is proud to be linked to a project in Ivory Coast

For those who think inland shipping is limited to Europe or the North-American rivers: well it’s not! A growing number of companies and entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to find more economical and sustainable ways of transport from -and to- the hinterland. Saving money and helping our planet along the way.

One of our FBC Captains is dealing with a good example: lately the ‘MV Yacht Express’ collected several push barges and a Pusher in Rotterdam, which she then sailed to Abidjan (Ivory coast).

Over there this pusher will be deployed with its push barges to transport goods from the inland waterways to the roads of Aidjan. Once in Aidjan, the goods will be discharged into a ‘Sea Going ship’ in a STS operation (Ship to Ship transfer). As part of this project local man are getting trained and educated to be ready to work as crew member on this pusher. So, good luck Captain Frank, good luck trainees, and good luck pusher ‘Sea Pierre’, FBC wishes you all a safe start of this exciting project in Africa!