Flexbox Crewing Gears Up for Seafaring Expansion in 2024

Flexbox Crewing Gears Up for Seafaring Expansion in 2024

Over the past years, Flexbox has made a name for itself in the inland shipping business. By 2021, they secured the MLC license to delve deeper into the world of seafaring, marking a significant milestone for the company. Meindert Boxhoorn, the head of Flexbox Crewing, reflected, “Our team, experienced in recruiting and placing seafarers, has always aimed to go beyond just inland waters. With our spacious new office in Cyprus, offering views of the historic old town, and with additional support from our bases in the Netherlands and Poland, we’re geared up to welcome more clients.”

Bridging Two Worlds

While inland shipping and the seafaring/offshore fields differ in many aspects, Flexbox sees potential connections. Boxhoorn added, “We’re seeing a trend where experienced seafarers are showing interest in inland shipping, a sector facing worker shortages. These professionals are also on the lookout for better pay scales and shorter duty cycles. For many European youth, the idea of working for 2 to 4 weeks might not be attractive, but it’s a refreshing change for seafarers used to 6-month long voyages. For seafarers with a proven record of at least 500 days at sea, there are quick ways to go up the ranks in inland shipping. It can be a bit tricky as each EU-country tends to overcomplicate these processes but we can certainly help out with this.”

Laying the Groundwork for Expansion

Through consistent efforts over the years, Flexbox boasts a comprehensive database of thousands of seafarer profiles. Strategic collaborations with agencies in Europe and Asia further bolster their position. While previously their operations touched only a select number of sea vessels, they are now expanding their horizons. The addition of two full-time team members, complemented by inhouse developed software, ensures they’re well-equipped to manage a larger fleet.

“We stand ready to offer all-inclusive manning agreements for entire vessels,” asserted Boxhoorn. “Given our resources and expertise, we’re confident of finding the crew for your vessel.”

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