Complaints Procedure

All vessels must have an onboard complaints procedure for seafarers, but it is recognized that it may not always be appropriate for a seafarer to use the onboard complaints system or the complaint may not be able to be resolved at the shipboard level. In such cases, seafarers may make on-shore complaints and report to Flexbox Crewing. 

The purpose of this procedure is to determine how complaints are dealt with. The scope of the procedure covers all activities related to complaints from seafarers submitted to Flexbox Crewing.

For the sake of formal order, any complaints shall be deposited in writing. The complaint should include a detailed description of the occurrence/incident and determine the expected solution of the seafarer. 

A seafarer has three ways to make a general complaint:

1. Using our online form (recommended – Click Here)

2. By writing the complaint in an e-mail to

3. By regular mail to the address: Flexbox Crewing Ltd, 246 Arch. Makariou III, Salamis Court, Office 4, 3105 Limassol, Cyprus

Flexbox Crewing shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5 working days of its delivery using the method of communication chosen by the seafarer. Acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint should include a clear indication of the time of its examination.

For anonymous complaints, in case of a whistleblower, we have an online form that requires to contact details.  (Click Here)

Investigation of a complaint may be set at a maximum of 21 working days in case of complaints relating solely to the activities of Flexbox Crewing Ltd and 28 working days in cases where the complaint relates to seafarer Employer- principal (customer) of Flexbox Crewing. Flexbox Crewing informs seafarers in writing about solutions to the complaint. In the event that complaint will not be resolved as per seafarer expectations Flexbox Crewing will inform the seafarer about his further steps.

All unresolved seafarers’ complaints should be reported by Flexbox Crewing to the appropriate supervising unit of the maritime administration. Flexbox Crewing keeps a record of all complaints cases in hard copy or digital form. Flexbox Crewing Ltd registers all submitted complaints in its Complaint Book with the case number given to each complaint.